The Planning Process

First Meeting - TODAY

Second Meeting

Letter of Engagement

Statement of Advice

Ongoing Service


General overview of your situation and our business model

Basic research and data collection

Full needs analysis and data collection
Presentation and implementation

There is no obligation or cost for this meeting.

At this meeting you tell us what you wish to achieve. We gather basic information about you, your ID and your goals.

We present our Financial Services Guide and Planner Profile, and explain how we operate, our background and our fee structure.

This meeting allows you to decide if Triumph Financial Planning is the business for you. 

At this meeting we discuss how we can help you achieve your goals, and our fee.

A Letter of Engagement is signed outlining the scope of our advice, our service and fees. 

Here is where we carry out a detailed needs analysis and data collection, in depth discussion about your goals and complete your risk profiling.

We then produce a Statement of Advice. This is the beginning of your financial journey. 

After full discussion and explanation of the Statement of Advice (SoA), we then begin to implement all recommendations contained within the SoA.

At this point, we issue our invoice for fees.

We follow up when all implementation is completed and book your first review. 

Our policy is to hold reviews as per our Letter of Engagement.

However, you have open communication between reviews by phone, email or additional meetings as necessary. 


Important factors to consider for a successful outcome:

  • We view our relationship as a partnership taking a collaborative approach to your situation, goals, objectives and solutions.
  • Open and clear communication is essential. If something worries you - ask the question. You must feel at ease and be able to talk openly with your adviser regarding all aspects of your financial situation.
  • We provide more than just financial advice. Partnerships are formed by mutual respect, trust and confidence. Our job is to remove the worry regarding your financial wellbeing, and make sure you sleep well at night. 
  • We are ethically and morally bound to provide advice that is in your best interest. We provide strategies—the products are ONLY the tools to achieve outcomes. We use only products that are recommended within our extensive approved product list. We have no bias towards, or influence from, any product provider. Each product is recommended on its merits.
  • We are a Fee for Service practice. We do not receive commissions on Investments, Superannuation or Pension products. 


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